Thursday, 12 November 2009

The armies so far:- Altstein

The army of Altstein.
Brigadier August von Bruckenheim.
Revell SYW Dragoon.

The Blue Dragoons.

Zvezda Swedes.

The Jager Battalion.

Revell AWI British, Italeri AWI French Colonel.

The Blue Hussars.

Revell SYW Hussars.

Colonel Fandango's Grenadier regiment.

Revell and Zvezda SYW Prussians.

Von Tripp's Musketeer regiment.
Revell SYW Prussians.

Captain Mueller's gun battery.
Revell AWI British Infantry, AWI Americans converted and Revell TYW cannons and teams with an Airfix Captain Mueller.
Other units not yet painted are:
Two full musketeer regiments(Italeri AWI French).
The other two squadrons of dragoons plus command.
Some Battalion guns (Imex AWI artillery).

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