Thursday, 12 November 2009

The armies so far:- Eisenburg-Essling

The army of Eisenburg-Essling.
Fritz von Essling.
A Revell Dragoon Officer.

The Eisenburg Dragoons and the Essling Fusileers.
All Revell SYW Austrians.

The Osterburg Musketeers (left) and the Eisenburg Musketeers.

Italeri AWI French and Revell SYW.

Captain Fiesler's gun battery.

Imex AWI crew, Revell TYW cannons and teams and a much cobbled together Captain Fiesler.

Other units yet to be painted are:
Another company of the Osterburg Musketeers to bring the rank and file up to 64 men.
A full regiment (48+) of grenadiers (Zvezda Prussian SYW).
An irregular light infantry battalion (from AWI Militia plastic sets).
Some battalion guns (Imex AWI).
A light horse regiment of some sort , I'm still undecided as to which models to
purchase yet!.

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