Thursday, 5 November 2009


Well , this is the first time I've done anything like this and I'm delighted with the responses that I've had.

The campaign is in a lull at the moment while I get some painting done.The forces I have are still quite small so I need to get on.

I've been asked to post some parade shots of my armies so I'll do this at the weekend hopefully.

I have been a wargamer since the mid '70s and followed many of the trends throughout and maybe I was a bit jaded. So to try something new I got into modern air combat with 1/600th scale planes and C21 rules.This was pretty enjoyable but my interest waned . Then I found the playsheets for "The Wargame" and "Charge" on the Battlegames site, I dug out some very old AWI Airfix soldiers that hadn't seen daylight for years and had a tryout,WOW!, this was a "road to Damascus " moment for me.

Moving the individually based soldiers about into various formations was actually very enjoyable and the simple ,elegant rules mechanisms were a real revelation. So out of the shed came the Revell SYW boxes that had been stored away when my son was born over 12 years before. I discovered the Grand Duchy of Stollen blog and decided to copy this very inspirational project as far as I could. Now as I am on a low wage with a family to keep, I decided to go all plastic toy soldiers for my armies. As the Revell Prussians in particular didn't have the sharpest detail (but some lovely poses IMO), I chose to paint them very basically and smother them in Future/Klear floor polish- Stokes style. I really like the shiny feel of the figures with this treatment and it brings out the colours well too.

Well,I've rattled on enough for now, bye.

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  1. Paul,

    I am just discovering your blog, so I've gone back to the start and am working my way forward.

    I'm the moderator of the "Emperor vs Elector" group blog (which Jean-Louis mentioned). If you are interested in joining us, just email me at . . . . . . and I'll see that you get an invitation.

    And there is absolutely nothing wrong with plastics. Furthermore, simple paint jobs work very very well when seen in large units . . . so keep it up, sir.

    -- Jeff