Thursday, 3 December 2009

The Altstein Jager command.

Captain Weingartner.

left to right : Weingartner , Bruckner and Kranze.

Some photos of the Altstein Jager triumvirate of Colonel Bruckner , Captain Weingartner and Captain Kranze. Franz Kranze is waving his sword around as usual (he's a bit of a show off and doubles his melee dice roll because he's a good fighter).
Weingartner is second in command and is renowned for being lucky.
A special rule simulates this in that in the event of Weingartner being hit by a musket ball he gets a dice throw to save him .
On a score of 2,3,4,5 or 6 his lucky pocket watch deflects the bullet but on a score of 1 the bullet ricochets straight up his nose!.
This rule only applies to musket shots the pocket watch cannot deflect cannon balls .
(After all this is not "Warhammer Fantasy Battles").
Weingartner is actually the distant ancestor of one of my work colleagues. But I don't think he has a pocket watch.

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