Friday, 1 January 2010

Happy New Year - A Table Top Teaser

Well we had a bit of snow today which meant we had to stay at home instead of visiting my mother in law. Mmm... what else could I do?.

How about that non-campaign game ?. We went for a modified capture the bridge scenario from CS Grants Table Top Teasers book published by Battlegames.
The Eisenburg-Essling forces advance to take the bridge at Kronstadt.

But the bridge is being prepared for demolition.

The Altstein infantry prepare to defend.

A pensive looking Little Ted ponders his next move.
Little Ted has been quite upset lately since he heard that some wargamers make thatched roofs from a mixture of teddy bear fur and plaster.

After a brief cavalry battle the Altstein Dragoons flee over the bridge.

The pressure is building on the defenders.

Roll up the flank!.

Getting close.

The guns are saved.

The Altstein Grenadiers bear the brunt of the attacks.


So near, yet, so far.

Oh dear Little Ted counts his casualties as he tastes bitter defeat.

(photography by my 13 year old son John Liddle).


  1. It looks like it was a rather brisk little action.

    -- Jeff

  2. Marvelous stuff! At last, a use for those Aifix guys with the barrell :) (I have a fondness for 1/72 plastics)

    I like your use of the initiative for the movement, Charge! gets alot of its unpredictability from the simultaneous written orders but that is lost when playing solo. The last time I had them out for a solo game, I used the Basic Rules which are alternate but I like your idea better.

    I look forward to more.
    Ross Mac

  3. You'll have to buy a few of the teddy bear toy soldiers and pose them with Charge! and the full-size teddy bear.

  4. Yeah, andygamer, thats exactly what my son John said.