Tuesday, 5 January 2010

Prep. commences on some new units.

Italeri AWI French infantry will become Altstein troops in blue pseudo Prussian uniforms.
A firing line unit.

Note the battalion guns on the extreme right, these are Imex AWI artillery which have undersized cannons that I thought might do for battalion guns. Three crew or two crew
what do you guys reckon would be best?.

Tomorrow I'll cover this lot in PVA glue and if the weather ever warms up a bit I'll get them sprayed with black primer.


  1. I'd go with 2 crew for battalion guns .. and hmm, thanks, I must check these guns out for battalion guns myself: probably too small for metal 28s, but the cost of F/Rank guns is ruinous.

    Oh, and you're in Durham, so the weather -never- warms up!

  2. Since artillery in Charge! have a normal crew of 1 more than the minimum to keep the gun in action, I would suggest a similar arrangement. Since battalion guns are lighter, you could decree a minimum of 2 gunners then man each gun with 2 gunners+a spare or 3 gunners per gun, or, just possibly 2 gunners plus a cross attached infantryman.

  3. 2 gunners + 1 infantryman (artilleryman mini painted in infantry uniform?) would clearly 'label' these pieces as battalion guns.
    Do you intend to use special rules for them (e.g. manhandled 'move and fire' ability with reduced range and downgraded efficiency -saving throw?)?

  4. Nice looking regiments. How many boxes did you have to buy to field the same poses in each battalion?

  5. I second Geoffrey's question ... how many boxes did it take?

  6. I'd go with three btn gunners, but have two as artillerists and one as an infantry regt 'grunt' worker.

  7. Very promising!
    "Altstein troops in blue pseudo Prussian uniforms.": but so less drab and gloomy -looking than historical Prussians!

    Looking forward to see them in their colored glory!

  8. I bought 4 boxes of these Italeri French from which I have built the Ostburg regiment for the Eisenburg -Essling army which has 64 other ranks + command in addition to the units above. I left out the drummers because they only have a tiny toy like drum but luckily the set has a fifer to take his place.I have found the Plastic Soldier Review site invaluable for this project.


  9. I have rules for battalion guns on the playsheet, basically they are about half as effctive as field guns but with the same range. I'll see how they work in practice and amend if necessary.

  10. Aren't they nice figures, though? Good, sensible poses, and crisply cast. These guys will look superb, painted up!

  11. 'Charge!' and 'The War Game' had no provision for battalion guns -I suppose that when C. Grant re-fought large battles he supposed their fire was included in the musketery effect, the guns models on the tabletop representing the position / battery pieces.

    Having battalion guns basically half as effective as field ones make sense -in most rules sets with an explicit representational scale, a battalion gun model = 2 real pieces, a field gun model = 4.

    Yet another distinguishing feature (re. several threads on TMP e.g.) is that seemingly they could be moved as fast as the infantry, and combine movement and shooting in the same way. An 'advantage' over field pieces as generally treated in the rules, that would roughly balance their lower effectiveness -and thus avoid to have to juggle with 'point values' or 'replacement points values' (cf. 'The War Game') if you use such system.

  12. Looks great!
    Can you tell me what base sizes you are opting for please?

  13. To Ralph, 15mmx 20mm for foot soldiers and 20mmx40mm for horse.