Sunday, 7 February 2010

Taking stock

Well, painting is going at a snail's pace just now, I've been busy at work with stocktaking and been a bit lazy with my painting. But as my wife says it is supposed to be a hobby and not a chore. I have however managed to get some priming done and started on the last squadron of Altstein Dragoons (soon to be renamed the Meissen Dragoons, Andy), I reckon they'll be finished this week.

Before I get too despondant with my lack of progress I think it's time to take stock of my progress so far. I started last June while recovering from my second heart procedure in three months and up to now have completed the following:-

5 regiments of foot 53 strong = 265

1 battalion of jagers = 27

Hussars = 34

Dragoons = 47

Gunners = 34

Generals = 2

Total 409... not bad eh!.


  1. Not bad indeed!

  2. Not bad is a huge under statement!
    Excellent progress

  3. Congratulations on your efforts so far. (That dwarf my own and many others, so don't get down on yourself.)

    And here's an idea for a regimental crest for the Meissen Dragoons:

  4. Yep, not bad - 400 in a bit over half a year. Seems like quite a few minis to me! I doubt I get that much done in a full year!

    And your wife is absolutely correct! It's a hobby not a chore. It's supposed to be fun, no pressure. :)

  5. doing vastly better than myself ... not been able to lean forward to the pieces and paint pots for a couple of weeks!