Thursday, 4 March 2010

Heydnbruckers ready for action!.

Colonel Johan Martin commands his regiment.

Well that's another unit ready, I might get a game on Sunday with a bit of luck. I'll try the battalion guns out too. New units often get mauled first time out, but that's wargaming.
We'll see how it goes.



  1. Your troops look wonderful. Nicely painted and most certainly ready for campaign. What's the plan for the army once completed? Excellent! His Majesty de St. Maurice sends his complements. - Mike

  2. Thank you Mike, I've just had a look at your blog,brilliant stuff!,very interesting indeed.I've decided to follow your blog.
    As for my set up,another war is inevitable between Altstein and Eisenburg-Essling later this year (1750).Take a look back at my earlier posts for some background.
    Thanks again,

  3. I agree with justMike. Very good looking unit. May their table top behavior make you proud.

    -- Jeff