Friday, 30 April 2010

More Zvezda Grenadiers

I managed to get the next batch painted despite a 36 hour sinus headache supplemented by a migraine attack just to make me feel even worse. I used to get migraines as a teenager but they have returned as a result of heart surgery last year.
I actually had migraine attacks during both procedures (they have you awake while the ablation is done ) and many more since, sometimes twice a day.
I treated myself to a game of Warmaster today for a change, there is a bit about it on my other blog.
I hope to start the last batch of this regiment tomorrow.

Tuesday, 27 April 2010

Zvezda Grenadiers progress/send in the clowns.

The first company completed. I painted twenty soldiers this time so the next two batches will be of nineteen each.
After I put the yellow and red on my wife commented that they looked like clowns and do you know they did look like clowns to me also.
But intrepidly I pressed on till they were completed with that dreadful song "Send in the Clowns" running through my head.
The flag is one of two colours that this regiment will carry and I chose the star as I believe the zvezda is Russian for star, so although the official title of the unit will be the Eisenburg-Essling Grenadiers they'll be known as the Zvezda Grenadiers for some convoluted reason I haven't thought of yet.

Hands,faces and bases for the next batch tonight.

Sunday, 25 April 2010

Grenadiers prepared and ready for painting.

Zvezda Prussian Grenadiers ready for painting. I'm on holiday this week so I should able to get on with these chaps.
There are 58 of them in this unit and I'm planning yellow coats with red facings to make the Eisenburg-Essling Grenadiers.
The models themselves are quite imposing for 1/72nd scale and stand at 26mm foot to eye and 32mm foot to top of the mitre.
Just the job for the premier regiment of the army.

Wednesday, 21 April 2010

Comparison of Italeri AWI French and Revell SYW Prussian Soldiers.

Here's a quick comparison ...Italeri on the left and Revell on the right.
And again from the back.
The Italeri figures are made of a harder plastic which takes and retains paint much better than the softer Revell plastic.

Graf Ludwig von Altsteins Grand Parade.

The troops line up.
A view of the parade.
Visiting dignitaries watch Ludwigs display.
The parade takes place in front of the Altsteinburg.
The Heydnbruck Regiment lined up in front of the Altstein Musketeers.
The Blue Hussars.
The Artillery deployed.
The Altstein Grenadier Guards.
Graf Ludwig casts an appreciative eye over his troops.
The Hecksheim Regiment.
The Blue Hussar Regiment.
The Artillery are put through their paces.
Graf Ludwig and von Bruckenheim survey their military strength.
The Altstein Musketeers with their battalion gun.
Ludwig von Heck's Regiment.
The Meissen Dragoons.
The Jagers.
Weingartner's company up close.

The Army of Altstein 1750

Infantry Regiments:
Altstein Musketeers = 54
Heydnbruck Regiment = 54
Hecksheim Regiment = 54
Altstein Grenadier Guards = 54
Jagers = 27
Battalion guns = 6 crew, 2 guns
Cavalry Regiments:
Von Meissen Dragoons = 28
Blau Husaren = 34

Artillery Company = 11 crew, 2 guns
Total 322
I've still got some more battalion guns to add and no doubt there will be engineers required as the war gets underway.
Modelhobbies delivered my battalion guns yesterday (Imex AWI guns) and also some lancers for the Eisenburg-Essling army, must get on with von Esslings troops next.

Sunday, 18 April 2010

The Hecksheim Regiment Completed

This unit probably looks best in column.
The charging pose is quite aggressive and the "en garde" pose fits in behind them fairly well.

Line looks OK too.

Ludwig von Heck is in the centre on the line with the colours and the insufferable Captain Lidl.

A closer view.

Well, I'm glad to get this unit finished as it is completes the Altstein army(with the exception of some battalion guns on their way from Modelhobbies).
I'm planning a parade of the whole army later this week so I'll post some photos soon.


Thursday, 15 April 2010

Another company of Hecksheimers completed.

Here are the first two companies of the Hecksheim Regiment of the army of Altstein.
This side view shows the Saint Andrews Cross regimental colours, the main church in Hecksheim is St. Andrews.

Two of the Captains of the regiment. The big guy on the left is the senior captain of the regiment the most obnoxious Captain Paulus Lidl. Pompous and self righteous he is universally despised within the regiment.
This chap may cause trouble in the future, time will tell.

Sunday, 11 April 2010

New Blog Started Today.

Hi, this is just an intro to a new blog I've started featuring games other than my Old School wargames project.
The first post is a WW2 28mm game I set up this afternoon. If you're interested please have a look.
The link to it is top of the Links list.
Thanks Paul.

Wednesday, 7 April 2010

Work begins on the Hecksheim Regiment

The last infantry regiment for the Altstein army will be the Hecksheim Regiment commanded by Ludwig von Heck.

Italeri AWI French again with a Revell AWI British officer.

Two more companies to paint and the Altstein army will be complete (at least for now).

I,m hoping to begin campaigning in the summer and should be ready in a couple of months. There are only three units to finish after this one to complete the Eisenburg-Essling army.