Thursday, 15 April 2010

Another company of Hecksheimers completed.

Here are the first two companies of the Hecksheim Regiment of the army of Altstein.
This side view shows the Saint Andrews Cross regimental colours, the main church in Hecksheim is St. Andrews.

Two of the Captains of the regiment. The big guy on the left is the senior captain of the regiment the most obnoxious Captain Paulus Lidl. Pompous and self righteous he is universally despised within the regiment.
This chap may cause trouble in the future, time will tell.


  1. Do I suspect that the obnoxious capt. will have some sort of demonic protection so that all the attempts to frag the sob fail?

  2. Nicely done. His Majesty de St. Maurice wishes me to convey his complements and to inform you that your little army certainly appears to be worthy, adversaries should the opportunity ever arise. Good job. - Mike

  3. Pompous is he? Well suited for politics then, eh?

    -- Jeff

  4. Very nice! Gotta love the white St. Andrew's cross on a blue field... :)

  5. Yes Fitz-Badger,they sometimes fly the Saltire over Hexham Abbey as it is St.Andrews Church and I always find it a stirring sight (Liddle is a Scottish name after all).I was going to paint orange on the Hecksheim flag and add decals etc. but decided just to leave it as it is.

  6. Paul, I always thought that those Italeri French Infantry were somewhat lacking when I saw them in the flesh, but you've really transformed them. Well done.

  7. Thanks Conrad,when i started this project I discovered that I didn't have any where near as many Revell figures as I thought I had.
    So I looked around and was very glad to find the Italeri set to bulk out the armies.
    I couldn't have done this project without them really.

  8. Splendid as always. Now I've got to buy some of those Italeri chappies. Do they fit in well with the Revells?

  9. Yes,Prince Lupus,
    I have some Italeri mixed with Revell to finish off the Eisenburg Musketeers.
    They are the ones kneeling about to fix bayonets and they fit in very well with the kneeling Revells with bayonets fixed.
    Standing figures are a good match too in my opinion.