Wednesday, 21 April 2010

Graf Ludwig von Altsteins Grand Parade.

The troops line up.
A view of the parade.
Visiting dignitaries watch Ludwigs display.
The parade takes place in front of the Altsteinburg.
The Heydnbruck Regiment lined up in front of the Altstein Musketeers.
The Blue Hussars.
The Artillery deployed.
The Altstein Grenadier Guards.
Graf Ludwig casts an appreciative eye over his troops.
The Hecksheim Regiment.
The Blue Hussar Regiment.
The Artillery are put through their paces.
Graf Ludwig and von Bruckenheim survey their military strength.
The Altstein Musketeers with their battalion gun.
Ludwig von Heck's Regiment.
The Meissen Dragoons.
The Jagers.
Weingartner's company up close.

The Army of Altstein 1750

Infantry Regiments:
Altstein Musketeers = 54
Heydnbruck Regiment = 54
Hecksheim Regiment = 54
Altstein Grenadier Guards = 54
Jagers = 27
Battalion guns = 6 crew, 2 guns
Cavalry Regiments:
Von Meissen Dragoons = 28
Blau Husaren = 34

Artillery Company = 11 crew, 2 guns
Total 322
I've still got some more battalion guns to add and no doubt there will be engineers required as the war gets underway.
Modelhobbies delivered my battalion guns yesterday (Imex AWI guns) and also some lancers for the Eisenburg-Essling army, must get on with von Esslings troops next.


  1. Excellent! Don't you love a parade? :)

  2. Lord Badger is correct. There's nothing like spending a warm Spring day watching the regiments put through their paces. Well done indeed. - Mike

  3. I'm sure you enjoyed this spectacular parade even more than we do: these soldiers are your 'children', all of them! They parade to show you their gratitude for all you did for them...

    Compliments and thanks for sharing,

  4. Actually setting up the parade was a bit of a rush job, I had a splitting headache too.
    But I have really enjoyed putting the photos on my blog and having a good look at them retrospectively.

    This blogging malarkey is another side to the hobby that enhances the hobby and inspires me to do more.

    Well I've got a day off work so I'll work on my Zvezda Grenadiers, putting on PVA and hopefully priming them too.

  5. 'Zvezda' seems to me a fine name for a Grenadier battalion, though I'm assuming these are in fact made by the manufacturer of that name....
    A very fine army, Paul: great to see them all on parade like that!

  6. Inspiring, thanks for the piccies Paul

  7. The "Zvezda Grenadiers" does have a ring to it Ion,I might do something with this idea.



  8. bravo, great army review

    -- Allan