Sunday, 25 April 2010

Grenadiers prepared and ready for painting.

Zvezda Prussian Grenadiers ready for painting. I'm on holiday this week so I should able to get on with these chaps.
There are 58 of them in this unit and I'm planning yellow coats with red facings to make the Eisenburg-Essling Grenadiers.
The models themselves are quite imposing for 1/72nd scale and stand at 26mm foot to eye and 32mm foot to top of the mitre.
Just the job for the premier regiment of the army.


  1. They will certainly make a brave-looking collection of men, Paul. I look forward to seeing them in their proper uniforms.

    -- Jeff

  2. If they're anywhere near as good as your previous posts, they'll be a wonderful addition to your little army. - Mike

  3. Yellow coats with red facings - can't wait.

    - Steve