Friday, 30 April 2010

More Zvezda Grenadiers

I managed to get the next batch painted despite a 36 hour sinus headache supplemented by a migraine attack just to make me feel even worse. I used to get migraines as a teenager but they have returned as a result of heart surgery last year.
I actually had migraine attacks during both procedures (they have you awake while the ablation is done ) and many more since, sometimes twice a day.
I treated myself to a game of Warmaster today for a change, there is a bit about it on my other blog.
I hope to start the last batch of this regiment tomorrow.


  1. Paul, I do like the look of these fellows . . . I'm sure that they'll stand out on the table top . . . and be outstanding as well.

    -- Jeff

  2. I really like the yellow uniforms...