Wednesday, 7 April 2010

Work begins on the Hecksheim Regiment

The last infantry regiment for the Altstein army will be the Hecksheim Regiment commanded by Ludwig von Heck.

Italeri AWI French again with a Revell AWI British officer.

Two more companies to paint and the Altstein army will be complete (at least for now).

I,m hoping to begin campaigning in the summer and should be ready in a couple of months. There are only three units to finish after this one to complete the Eisenburg-Essling army.


  1. I'm impressed with the way that you're cranking these units out, Paul. Keep it up.

    -- Jeff

  2. Nice work! I like the colors. :)

  3. Thank you very much gents,I have been distracted lately by other projects and real life encroaches into my own little world too.I find with many projects such as this ,the last part is the hardest to do and I've often faltered at this point But it is always encouraging to recieve comments.
    So today I will start the next company and paint hands,faces and bases.
    Thanks again,