Sunday, 23 May 2010

Von Esslings Kozak Lancers - work in progress.

Well, I decided I could paint the whole unit this time but it's hard going and I'll probably complete these in three squadron/sotnia batches from now onwards.
They are Zvezda Napoloeonic Guard Cossacks and quite nice models. There is still a lot of work to do on these and I'll get stuck in and attempt to finish a squadron this week.


  1. Already promising - cheers (or is it 'hurrah!'?)!

  2. Thanks abdul, note I didn't take any close ups as the painting up to now has been very clumsy.I even had a tantrum with them the other day and left them alone till today.

    But I am feeling more positive about them now, putting them on the blog has helped as has your comment.



  3. They are going to be splendid!

  4. I'm late in finding your blog, but it offers some lovely and encouraging stuff. I'm mingling plastic and metal a la Stokes (he really is a wide source of inspiration it seems) and your photos help increase the encouragement.