Tuesday, 22 June 2010

Building work commences

Here are a couple more shots from von Esslings parade.

I started to tidy up my buildings tonight making repairs, basing some and detaching some multiple based buildings. I failed to repair the one that was damaged by a low flying extending tape measure a while back and it ended up in the bin.
I persuaded my better half to give me some cork based place mats and these will define a built up area with buildings and the odd tree placed loosely upon them. When troops enter the built up area the models can be moved to allow occupation as is commonly done with woods.
A lick of paint and they'll be ready. I've also been working on the map and hope to have it finished next week.


  1. I really like those village modules you are assembling there!

    Best Regards,


  2. I had a trip down the Rhine a while back - that place looks familiar.

  3. Your buildings look super Paul. I'm very impressed. Is there a chance you could perhaps give us a little more detail and tell us what they are made from, and how you achieved such a realistic look?
    And yes, I think the cork place mats idea works brilliantly too.


  4. Steve,
    I've had these buildings for about twenty years.I bought them from Duncan Macfarlane (Wargames Illustrated) they are paper models made a German company called Schreiber.

    They are various scales from 1:120 to 1:160 roughly and I bought them for a 15mm fictional 18th Century set up.

    When I started this current project I remembered that I had them and dug them out from the very back of my cupboard.
    My wife actually assembled many of them for me when we were courting/newly wed.

    I don't know if they are available nowadays but I always fancied one of their castle kits.


  5. Schreiber still makes paper buildings. I found a number listed on the US Amazon web store.


  6. Thanks Jim, I may try to get hold of some.

  7. I,ve just added a couple of links to Schreiber-Bogen in Germany.They have some very nice models indeed.