Friday, 11 June 2010

The Uhlans arrive - lock up your daughters!.

Kazinsky's Uhlans have arrived from the Eastern frontier to serve in the army of Eisenburg-Essling. Resplendent in their new uniform they exercise for Feld General Fritz von Essling and set many a maidens heart a flutter with their swagger.

They open out at full gallop and show off their Kozak horsemanship.

Kazinsky at full gallop on his fine white steed.
Well, I finally got them finished. I've just got some battalion guns to paint now and we'll be ready for war.


  1. Eye-catching and full of panache, Nice work!

    Best Regards,


  2. I like them . . . and particularly like the photos showing them spread out a bit. They look great.

    -- Jeff

  3. Thanks gentlemen,

    The horse poses are nice and energetic and look a little like the front cover of "Charge" to me.

    I'll use loose formations for the light cavalry in the forthcoming campaign.