Sunday, 4 July 2010

Death on the bridge.

After crossing the bridge the hussars scout ahead to the valley side.
The Jagers occupy Offenheim and the bridge.
Captain Kranze's company in Offenheim.
The Hussars push forward.
Captain Weingartner has the honour of holding the bridge.
"Mein Gott", the hussars make contact!.
Kazinsky's Uhlans have been encamped on the valley slopes watching the incursion and attack the outnumbered hussars with vigour.
The Blau Husaren flee for their lives.

Kazinsky's men surge forward recklessly.
And envelope Offenheim.
They are hot on the heels of the hussars.
But the Uhlans are repulsed by the Jager defending Offenheim.
Weingartner's company are attacked.
The Blau Husaren turn to fight.
All hell breaks loose around the bridge.

Caught between the village and the bridge the Uhlans take heavy casualties.
Weingartner regroups his survivors and repulses the enemy.
By now the Uhlans have had enough and fall back to the high ground to lick their wounds leaving Offenheim and the bridge in Altsteiner hands.
Kazinsky has had the sense however to send a messenger southwards with news of the invasion.


  1. What a neat action and description! Your troops and set-up are equally inspiring, Paul. And as I think I've mentioned before, I like your village module on that old placemat. What's next for your troops, I wonder?

    Best Regards,


  2. Thanks Stokes, the Altsteiners will be pouring over the bridge and seeking a confrontation with von Essling.

    Actually I am really looking forward to events in Stollen.


  3. Yes, a neat little action! Shows you can have a fun game with just a few figures.

    To people who are getting started, you don't have to wait until you have lots of figures painted up (or even pruchased) to get some battles in. You can alwyas start small and build up as you go.

  4. What a fierce little skirmish that was! Just a little something - a border dispute, some heads being knocked together - that can swiftly escalate into a full scale war...

  5. A spirited little engagement indeed!!!

  6. And the consequence of the impetuous cavalry charge ... taking on infantry in a village!
    My goodness!

  7. A nice opener to the campaign. I am looking forward to further developments. Dave.

  8. A fierce little action, indeed. Looking forward to more!

  9. Marvelous little action, good start to a campaign. Glad to see that uhlans have performed well in their 1st engagement, even if they did get a little carried away.

    I also love your map. Using local placenames as a basis is something I have long enjoyed though I have little talent for disguisinbg them, luckily since most of my campaigns have been North American oriented, they feel right at home as themselves!

    I quite like the village as well.
    Thanks for entertaining s providing food for thought.

  10. Enjoyed the action and loved the map. Maps are one of my first loves - I just like making & drawing them - the simpler, the better, is my motto.
    Will there be more action to follow soon?


  11. Yes, the Altsteiners have crossed the Teiner in force and the Eisenburgers are still quite dispersed around the duchy.
    A holding action is likely to gain time for Von Essling to concentrate his forces.

    Maybe this Sunday with luck.