Saturday, 14 August 2010

The Battle of Eisenburg-Essling.

The Altstein army has advanced to the outskirts of Eisenburg and Essling and is met by Von Esslings army.
Von Esslings left wing. He deploys along the Eisen Fluss which is very shallow in high summer.
Von Esslings centre and right.
The Altsteiners advance.
They advance with a weighted right flank.
Along Von Bruckenheims line.
Von Essling advances to meet the enemy.He awaits reinforcement from the Essling Fusiliers who are marching from the south.
A birdseye view of move two.
The Dragoons clash but the combat is indecisive and both sides fall back.
The Heydn Brucke regiment advances in the centre.
Weingartners Jager company take the centre hill.
The light horse clash and the Blau Husaren retire defeated by the Uhlans.
The artillery deploy on the hill while Weingartner rather recklessly skirmishes with the Ostburg Regiment. They are almost destroyed by the volleys though Weingartner escapes unharmed.
The Alstein Musketeers are smashed by musketry as they emerged from the defile on Von Esslings right.
A fierce firefight is underway between the Heydn Brucke and Ostburg Regiments.
The Meissen Dragoons charge Von Esslings guns.
Colonel Fandango's Grenadiers defeat the Eisenburg Grenadiers.

The Eisenburg Grenadiers salute Col. Fandango as they retire.
There aren't many left as they retreat towards the Eisen Fluss.
Kranze and his jager company meet resistance from the militia as they advance through Essling.
And eventually prevail by use of the bayonet.However Captain Kranze falls to a musket shot.
The gunners are sabred by the Meissen Dragoons and the Ostburg Regiment is almost annihilated.
The Altsteiners advance in force.In the foreground is the Hecksheim Regiment.

The Essling Fusiliers did not arrive in time to take part in the battle. Von Esslings army is falling apart now, to continue fighting would achieve nothing.
Feldgeneral Freiderich von Essling surrenders to Graf Ludwig von Altstein and General August von Bruckenheim.
The surrender is accepted and the sound of battle dies down on the field.

Wednesday, 4 August 2010

A delaying last!.

To the north of Klosewitz a small force attempts to delay the invading Altsteiners.

The Eisenburg-Essling force consists of the Eisenburg Musketeers,a company of the Ostburg Regiment and a squadron of Kazinskys Uhlans.

The Altsteiners have two full regiments of infantry with a company of grenadiers and a squadron of hussars.They intend to sweep aside the defenders.
The Eisenburg Regiment is arrayed on the high ground facing the approaching enemy.

However there is not enough time to dig in.
The Hecksheim Regiment arrives.
The Hecksheimers take casualties from long range musketry and the battalion gun.
An Eisenburg company withdraws before they are overwhelmed.
The centre company take serious casualties before falling back.

The Altstein Grenadier company advance against the hamlet.
And overwhelm the defenders with firepower.
A squadron of Kazinskys Uhlans cover the retreat.
The Altsteiners have now pushed well forward.

The Eisenburg Regiment regroups to hold off the invaders.
But against such odds they quit the field and the Altsteiners cheer their victory.
The attempt to delay the Altstein army failed although casualties were quite light on both sides.
The town of Klosewitz was taken the next day while von Esslings forces are still not concentrated.