Wednesday, 4 August 2010

A delaying last!.

To the north of Klosewitz a small force attempts to delay the invading Altsteiners.

The Eisenburg-Essling force consists of the Eisenburg Musketeers,a company of the Ostburg Regiment and a squadron of Kazinskys Uhlans.

The Altsteiners have two full regiments of infantry with a company of grenadiers and a squadron of hussars.They intend to sweep aside the defenders.
The Eisenburg Regiment is arrayed on the high ground facing the approaching enemy.

However there is not enough time to dig in.
The Hecksheim Regiment arrives.
The Hecksheimers take casualties from long range musketry and the battalion gun.
An Eisenburg company withdraws before they are overwhelmed.
The centre company take serious casualties before falling back.

The Altstein Grenadier company advance against the hamlet.
And overwhelm the defenders with firepower.
A squadron of Kazinskys Uhlans cover the retreat.
The Altsteiners have now pushed well forward.

The Eisenburg Regiment regroups to hold off the invaders.
But against such odds they quit the field and the Altsteiners cheer their victory.
The attempt to delay the Altstein army failed although casualties were quite light on both sides.
The town of Klosewitz was taken the next day while von Esslings forces are still not concentrated.


  1. A cracking engagement! What rules did you use?

  2. First blood to Altstein! Will the Altsteiners have it all their own way? It wasn't clear to me that the Esslingen in this action succeeded in imposing any kind of delay upon the invaders. If my impression is correct, what will be the consequences for Essling?
    Already the campaign begins in suspenseful fashion...

  3. nice report and pics!
    Yeah, didn't seem to delay much, but at least they didn't pay with heavy casualties. Many live to fight another day!

    (I hope your back is feeling better!)

  4. Thanks guys,the rules are "Charge" as always,they really are a good,playable ruleset IMO.

    The Altsteiners are getting too close for comfort to the principal towns of Eisenburg and Essling.The next engagement could be crucial,this campaign may turn out a lot shorter than I had hoped.

    My back was still protesting at bending over the table but a couple of weeks ago I could barely move,so I can't complain really.


  5. Hi Paul,

    Hope your back is feeling pretty well. Sounds like it from the remarks above. Great looking battle and a fun report. It's amazing the hardships we'll endure just to get some soldiers on the table! ;-)

    Best Regards,


  6. Smart little action. Good to see the action resuming however painful. (Aren't you glad you went plastic?)

    Have to agree with you on Charge!.

  7. Nice game Paul,looks tremendous, thanks for the report.