Thursday, 2 September 2010

The War of 1750 ends.

Fritz von Essling (in the green coat) surrenders to Graf Ludwig von Altstein (in the dark blue coat) and General August von Bruckenheim after the battle.

With the surrender by Fritz von Essling at the battle of Eisenburg-Essling, the war of 1750 ended as a complete victory for the army of Ludwig von Altstein.

Erherzog Katherine ceded her lands to Ludwig and fled into exile in Normagnia rather than be wed to the vile Ludwig.

Ludwig, however had achieved his aim and set about assimilating his new territory oblivious to the resentment and bitterness of his newly acquired citizens.


  1. On for the second round / revenge?

  2. I for one celebrate the arrival of the piping days of peace - however long they may last...

  3. OH NO! Peace?? The enemy asimilated? How terrible! Enjoyable reports though.

    What next, a revolt? The Eisenburg regiments pressed into service and a new enemy to paint up?


  4. The 1750 campaign was much shorter than I had hoped and for a while I was at loss as to what to do next.

    I couldn't face painting a new army just now,especially as I am slowly painting 28mm Napoleonics.

    I'm thinking about jumping forward 5 years to the death of Ludwig and a rebellion.

    I,ll need a few new personalities and maybe some militia painted and we'll be off again.