Saturday, 30 October 2010

The Battle of Kirkhalle 1755

 The Eisenburg-Essling forces have retaken the village of Kirkhalle to the east of the region.Captain Kranze and his company of Jager above are part of the force commanded by Von Bruckenheim to crush the rebellion.
 The Essling Militia hold the village.
 Von Bruckenheim has a squadron of Blue Hussars.
 The rebels are commanded by Colonel Voss with half of his Ostburg Regiment, he is supported by a squadron of Uhlans.
 And a squadron of dragoons.
 Von Bruckenheim has two full infantry regiments, Hecksheim and Heydn Brucke.
 The Altsteiners surge forward in column.

 The light horse clash with indecisive results and both fall back.

 The Hecksheim regiment attacks the defended village.
 The Ostburgers give an effective volley at long range.
 The Uhlans rally.
 Undeterred the Heydn Brucke regiment closes with the enemy.
 Kranzes Jager are gaining the upper hand on the eastern flank.
 Round two for the light horse.
 The Heydn Brucke regiment fare better in the firefight.
 And the Hussars defeat the Uhlans.
 The Ostburg regiment (in white) has taken a lot of casualties.
The Hecksheim regiment forces its way into Kirkhalle despite being attacked by the Eisenburg Dragoons.

At this point the rebels fled the field, a somewhat inauspicious beginning for the rebellion.


  1. Another inspiring display and battle description! And I really like your hussars and uhlans too.

    Best Regards,


  2. Thank you kindly sir,that was quick!.

    I've just published and I still have to put all the toys away.


  3. Von Bruckenheim is to be congratulated on his victory. Reich Duke Wilhelm was so impressed, he requested Cardinal Honking Thirst to invest Von Bruckenheim into the Military Order of the Golden Crown. Best regards on a stirring affair...

  4. Von Bruckenheim did well it's true but he is known for his impetuosity.

    While he is chasing the rebels in the east Prince Johan is advancing boldly up the Teiner valley with his main force.



  5. Those buildings are so familiar, I still regret selling mine (although it did make sense)


  6. You can still get them Will,there are a couple of links on this page, prices aren't bad either.



  7. A lovely little battle . . . and wonderful photos.

    -- Jeff

  8. Just received some buildings - thanks for the link.

    Splendid fight - how do you treat the assault on the village using Charge!?

  9. You're welcome Prince Lupus.

    I used the village as a single building and diced to break in as per the rules.

    It took the Altsteiners a couple of moves to break through and bayonet the defenders.

    It seemed to work okay.



  10. A brisk little action, and aninauspicious beginning to the revolt. But don't many revolts begin that way? If, meanwhile, the loyalist forces have overcommitted to this action what might be the strategic benefit to Prinz Johan? I look forward to the next instalment to this adventure...

  11. That which does not destroy us will make us stronger (oops my sympathy with the Rebels is out).

    Good idea on the village, trying to track each house can get fiddly, esp if the troops don't fit in but I prefer several small buildings as a village compared to 1 big one. I'll tuck that away for future Charge! games.

    An enjoyable report, thanks,

  12. Thank you very much Doug,