Monday, 4 April 2011

The Battle of Korbrucke - I love wargaming!.

The Battle of Korbrucke, fought yesterday, was one of the most enjoyable wargames I've played.

I suppose that not having played a game of "Charge" for about five months is a part of it, a timely reminder of what a fine set of rules Charge really are.

But also the campaign setting really worked well in this instance, the geography for my campaign is based on the area where I was born and have lived and worked all my life.

Korbrucke is based on Corbridge in North-East England and as I drove past today I could see where my toy soldier battle took place. I could see where the armies would have deployed and advanced and where the Jager company bravely charged and captured the guns and where they crossed the Teiner (Tyne). The Tyne is shallow there in summer and you can see anglers with waders on right in the middle of the river so when the opportunity to cross came up I allowed the Jager company to do so.

By this time the gun battery was set up and preparing to enfilade the Altstein Grenadiers which may have had a crucial effect on the battle.

As the Jagers advanced they came under canister fire, I rolled double six,  halved to six  and the Jager company was down to half strength, being light infantry they could lose up to two thirds before routing.

On they pressed and took more fire from the guns... double one came up!, only one casualty and the Jagers could carry on to take the guns. 
 This was a crucial moment which had a far reaching effect on the battle and the whole campaign.

There were other moments of drama ( the cavalry battle was decisive ) and the whole battle was very entertaining.

It isn't like me to write so much (I'm a man of few words ) but I enjoyed the game so much I thought I would expand upon yesterdays post.

Sunday, 3 April 2011

The Battle of Korbrucke 1755

 With the feint at Kirkhalle drawing von Bruckenheim away from the Teiner valley.Prince Johan advances rapidly up the valley meeting resistance at Korbrucke. Colonel Fandango of the Altstein Grenadiers is commanding.
 The Eisenburg-Essling forces advance.
 Cavalry to the fore.
 The guns are still on the west bank unable to cross south of Korbrucke.
 The Altstein cavalry advance to meet the enemy.
 And Fandango forms up his infantry.
 And advances toward Korbrucke.
 The Zvezda Grenadiers.
 The cavalry battle begins.
 Into Korbrucke.
 The Jager cross the Teiner.
 Fandango closes the trap.
 The Eisenburg guns are deployed.
 What a bottleneck!.
 Fritz von Essling back from exile leads the Ostburgers through Korbrucke.
 The Jager advance upon the guns.
 Into the lions mouth!.
 The cavalry fight is furious.
 The heads of the columns are knocked off by artillery and musket fire.
The Blues win the cavalry melees.

Through canister fire the brave Jager Company reach the guns and the crews surrender.

 A desperate melee between the Altstein Grenadiers and the Eisenburg-Essling infantry ends in defeat for the whitecoats.
 The Altstein (Meissen Dragoons) take casualties from the Essling Grenadiers.
 A fierce firefight begins : casualties shown by the dice.
 The Jager Company enter Korbrucke.
 The Eisenburg Dragoons are routed by the Meissen Dragoons.
 Who rally back behind the line.
 The firefight continues.
 After casualties are removed there ain't many left!.
 Captain Weingartners men shoot the battalion gun crew.
 Colonel Fandango prepares his remaining cavalry for the killing blow.
 The Altstein Grenadiers advance.
 Prince John George forms his firing line.
 The Jagers withdraw into cover.
 Eight more casualties is more then the Grenadiers can take.
 And eighteen casualties on the Eisenburg Musketeers routs them,they only managed four in response.
 Fandango ruthlessly unleashes his cavalry upon the routed enemy.
The dashing Prince is defeated and his army destroyed. The rebellion will be stamped out by the Altsteiners and order restored.