Thursday, 14 July 2011

Heads up for HaT !.

Hat SYW Prussians, soon to be released.

I'm very tempted to try some of these to make some new units for Altstein and Eisenburg-Essling. I hope the plastic isn't too soft as I find the Zvezda/Italeri plasic much better at retaining paint than the softer Revell.
Having said that I have'nt lost much paint at all due to the initial coat of PVA and two or even three coats of Klear/Future covering the paint job.

I can't even find the Italeri French AWI soldiers nowadays, it is lucky that I jumped in when I did as I had noticed that some retailers stopped listing them around July 2009 so I bought them from Modelhobbies.
Not long after I noticed they disappeared from Modelhobbies site and they've never reappeared.