Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Multibases for "Charge!".

Inspired by Prince Lupus at the Wars of Wine and Cheese blog and frustrated at the length of time required to play "Charge!" due to the singly based soldiers I've decided to base the close order troops into eights and threes for infantry and cavalry respectively.

Prince Lupus has some rule amendments to allow for this, especially for cavalry melees.

I thought I would mark casualties with dice until there is enough to remove a whole stand.

I'm on holiday for most of this week so I must get cracking!.



  1. The re-basing should save some time in moving the troops.

    I use 3 figs per base for both cavalry and infantry, with one base per unit split into 2 and 1 figs - so can adjust unit size as casualties occur.

    -- Allan

  2. Thanks Allan,
    I've started work on the wee beggars.

  3. Great looking piccies - I must get my Zezda grenadiers painted up.

    I've only glued down the front rank on mine and used magnetic paper under the figures in the back rank.

    In Wargaming in History Mr Olley suggests small beads on the back of the base to count the casualties.