Saturday, 18 April 2015

Game Seven : A short but lively action.

The last battle of this mini campaign is Scenario 6 : Flank Attack (1). I deemed that the Altstein forces would be falling back to Hecksheim after their recent reverses but find a small blocking force in their way and a larger force attacking their flank.

 The situation on turn one.
 The Altstein column is led by the Grenadiers.
 The flanking force, two battalions of infantry and two companies of skirmishers.
 The blocking force, a battalion of infantry a gun battery and a commander.
 The shooting begins.
 The Altstein guns turn to cover the retreat.
 The grenadiers come under intense fire.
 While the hussars attempt to outflank the blocking force.
 The Eisenburg grenadiers are taking a lot of punishment.
 The commander steadies his troops but their flank is threatened.
 The Altstein Grenadiers are wavering under the weight of the Eisenburg fire.

 The canaries break!.
 And so do their Altstein counterparts.
 Charge!. The hussars roll a six and rout the Eisenburg Musketeers.
 Next turn they charge the guns in the flank too.
 As one Altstein infantry battalion escapes up the road another turns to face the enemy.
 The gunners are routed. The hussars rolled another six.
 The Essling Fusileers are in dire straits now.
 The commander rides over to rally them but rolls a one!.
 The Hussars charge again, frontally this time on blown horses.
 The next volley breaks the Essling Fusileers.
The Blue Hussars fall back, this time they rolled a one.

This was turn seven but the Eisenburg army was down to two effective units, both skirmishers, which were unable to stop the Altsteiners leaving the field.

4-3 to Altstein a narrow victory on the field but a strategic stalemate. Peace comes to the Teiner valley again, for a while.

Once again an enjoyable game with One Hour Wargames. I'm planning to try out the Rifle and Sabre period with my 54mm toy soldiers and some Pike and Shot next. I'll publish them on my other blog.


  1. Great stuff! What size table do you use...Bill

    1. It's 4x4 Bill, as opposed to the suggested 3x3 but I kept all the measurements in the rulebook the same.

  2. Agreed! Glad to se you back in action with all of these recent games. Inspiring stuff.

    Best Regards,


    1. Thanks Stokes, I'm glad I bought the book.

  3. This was an enjoyable little campaign and set of reports! Did the games really only take an hour each? (or is that not to be taken literally? :) I have the book, but haven't really delved into it yet.)

    1. Thanks Fitz-Badger, I never timed them but the games would be roughly an hour, the last game was probably half an hour.

  4. A great report and a great victory for Altstein!
    Altstein hussars covered themselves with glory with their dashing charges (and in so important moments!).
    One of the things I like most of these rules is the way cavalry role is modelled.
    I enjoyed very much this series of posts. Thank you very much my friend for giving me so much good reading.
    Of course, Is good to know you plan more actions with "One Hour Wargames".
    Kind Regards.

    1. Thanks Cesar, I've enjoyed these rules a lot, at least the Horse and Musket period works very well. I'm not so sure about the WW2 but I've only had one game with those.

  5. ooh hussars down the flank has got to hurt. Splendid fun - thanks for taking the time to share.

  6. Thanks a lot, I've had a lot of fun with these rules and scenarios.