Sunday, 12 April 2015

Battle at Bellenheim

Another One Hour Wargame, I played Scenario 12.

After being repulsed at Hecksheim the Eisenburg column falls back to Bellenheim and guards the crossing awaiting reinforcements and or further orders. The Colonel has recovered since he was wounded at Hecksheim but he has failed to guard a ford on his left flank.

The Alsteiners have scouted out the ford however and aim to cross there while demonstrating against the town. Their objective is to seize the high ground close to the town.

 The Altsteiners head for the ford.
 The defenders are all deployed around Bellenheim.
 They begin to cross.
 They prepare to engage the Eisenburgers in a firefight across the Nord Teiner.
 First over is a squadron of the Meissen Dragoons.
 The Eisenburgers hasten to redeploy.
 Kazinskys lancers take the hill.
 The dragoons charge the lancers but are repulsed while the infantry crossing continues.
 Fighting begins in earnest.
 View from the riverbank.
 The dragoons move to outflank the lancers.
 The Altsteiners give fire.
 An overview. On the far right an Eisenburg battalion has abandoned the town to join the fight for the high ground.
 The lancers charge the Altstein foot.
 The dragoons receive a volley.
 The Eisenburg commander visits his guns to keep them in the fight. They rolled nowt but ones and twos in this game.
 It eventually dawned on me that the town was undefended so I sent a battalion over the bridge.
 The fighting around the hill is still fierce.
 This unit breaks and the Commander is wounded too.
 The lancers break another battalion!.
 The dragoons are taking more fire.
 Altsteiners enter Bellenheim.
 The bluecoats are well outnumbered now.
 The dragoons almost break their tormentors.
 The Altsteiners emerge from the town.
 The brave colonel keeps his men in the line.
 A last desperate charge sends them packing!.
 The Altsteiners surround the Eisenburg position but there aren't many of them left.
 The lancers outflank this weakened battalion.
 And charge them sweeping them away.
 The Eisenburg infantry are still standing, just!.
Then a timely volley from the Grenadiers routs the Meissen Dragoons leaving only one battalion of Altstein infantry in good order who then join the fugitives streaming back across the Nord Teiner.

Game five is an Eisenburg victory, the score is now 3-2 to Altstein, best of seven to win the campaign!.


  1. Just great again. The yellow coated grenadiers are splendid.

    How are you finding the one hour rules?

    1. The rules are extremely simple and take a little getting used to but they do work very well as written and suit the scenarios perfectly. I like them for horse and musket for sure and I am very glad that I bought this book.

      I'm now off to have another game.

      Thanks very much,


  2. You have easily become my favorite site! Keep up the good work...Bill

    1. Thanks Bill , I have another post in the can, so to speak and there will have to be another scenario played out next weekend,


  3. Very colourful! I like your artillery crew conversions. I think I see an Air fix World War Two German in there!

    1. No you don't Doug, the gun crews were converted from AWI British from Accurate/ Revell and the others are AWI Imex. I'm not an accomplished plastic figure converter like you.


  4. Paul: Could you please tell me what is the size of the board, the frontage of the units and movement-firing ranges you employ?
    And, I see you allowed units to move in column: Do you have a "House rule" for this?

    1. Hi Cesar, the board is 120x120cm, the frontages are 18cm but I just use the standard ranges and move distances from the book. I did ponder using 16" musket range and 8, 12 and 16" moves to be in proportion with the larger board size but it all works OK as is. When I use some 54mm toy soldiers to play the Rifle and Sabre rules I will alter the distances.

      The road columns I just measured six inches maximum for each stand to change the formation into/ out of column. Playing solo I can suit myself really.

    2. Thank you very much for your answer.

      I expect that Eisenberg obtain another victory in the next battle. That way, we will have seven battle Reports! :-)

    3. You're right, I honestly didn't think that would happen after the first three games and I didn't rig it. The scenarios that Neil Thomas has devised seem to result in some very close games that can go either way.