Tuesday, 7 April 2015

Battle at Hecksheim Bridge

Here's another One Hour Wargame, this time Scenario 18 : Counter attack.

An Eisenburg force is attempting to cut off the Altsteiners by taking the town of Hecksheim but they run into a large force of Altsteiners heading for Eisenburg territory.

 An Eisenburg battalion arrives at the bridge.
 As they cross the river a large force of Altsteiners  pour out of Hecksheim.
 Here they come!.
 There are loads of them.
 The Eisenburgers give fire.
 The rest of the Eisenburg force arrives.
 They cross the Teiner usinig two fords as well as the bridge.
 The bridgehead is soon surrounded though.
 Eisenburg guns fire across the Teiner.
 Lancers charge the guns.
 The fighting around the bridge is intense.
 Fording the river and forming up under fire is no easy matter.
 The as yet unnamed General bites the dust.
 The Eisenburg Musketeers break under unbearable pressure.
An Altstein battalion breaks from the battle by the bridge end.
 The Eisenburgers break.
The mission is a failure. Another defeat for the Eisenburg-Essling army.

The random force generator sometimes makes some scenarios rather tricky but that's not a bad thing.


  1. "Old School" eye-candy at its best!

  2. I could almost smell the gun powder. Well done, sir...Bill

  3. Excellent report Paul! Very inspiring!
    I don´t know exactly why but, I am becoming a fan of Altstein. :-)

    Have you played this campaign solo?
    And in that case:
    Have you employed some solo mechanisms?

  4. Hi Cesar, I play everything solo and just try to make the best moves for each side as impartially as I can.

    Altstein is my alternative world version of Alston in England which is where my wife comes from. Hecksheim is Hexham where I was born and the Teiner is the river Tyne.

    It's all good fun!.