Thursday, 9 April 2015

Bottleneck :- One-Hour Wargames

Day off today so I played another scenario from One Hour Wargames. It was number 24 : Bottleneck.

The victorious Altsteiners find a small blocking force barring their way...

 The Altsteiners mass on their right flank hoping to bypass the lake and avoid the woods.
 Prince Johan is in command of the defenders.
 His dragoons cover the left flank.
 The Altstein right flank advances.
 Johan has irregular troops in the woods.
 Captain Kranze advances against the woods.
 And come within musket range.
 The cavalry clash begins.
 Prince Johan gallops over to bolster his dragoons.
 He reaches the fight.
 Altstein Grenadiers march in splendid order.
 The Eisenburg Grenadiers take a hammering.
 Altstein Grenadiers firing.
 Todays CinC Colonel Marten rides over to help as Kranzes men are taking steady casualties but is shot from his saddle.
 The Altstein Grenadiers are suffering badly under fire from two battalions.
 However the Eisenburg Grenadiers are first to break!.
 The cavalry fight continues with Prince Johan steadying his troopers.
 The Altstein Grenadiers are shattered.
 A birds eyes view.
 Fearing his infantry will break Prince Johan leaves his dragoons and returns to his remaining battalion.
 The infantry firefight heats up.
 The Meissen Dragoons break.
 But the Blau Hussars take their place.
 And break the Eisenburg dragoons.
 Johan keeps his men in the fight.
 Kranzes Jagers have had enough.
 Another Altstein battalion breaks.
 But the hussars are racing around the lake.
 And charge the flank. They fail to break them though.
 As they retire Johans men give a volley.
On the last turn as night is falling the hussars try one last time but are repulsed.

Prince Johans men hold the field for a much needed victory.


  1. Prince Johans is certainly a dashing figure and Reich Duke Wilhelm is pleased to induct him into the Ancient and Honorable Order of the Tankard. Best regards,Bill

  2. Thanks Bill, Prince Johan is a mini alter ego of my son John.