Tuesday, 14 April 2015

Late Arrivals: more One Hour Wargames

Next I played Scenario 10: Late Arrivals. I deemed that the Altstein forces would have retreated after their setbacks and are coming together near Korbruck.

The Eisenburgers are attacking and are led by Fritz von Essling, who has recovered from his injuries and Prince Johan.

The Altsteiner have a couple of battalions trying to hold on until the reinforcements arrive.

 As the Eisenburgers advance down the road to Korbruck they are met by an infantry battalion and a company of jagers.

 The Altsteiners bravely stand their ground and pour volleys at their enemy.
 Captain Weingartners jagers fire upon the grenadiers and a lucky shot wounds von Essling.
 Prince Johan brings up the rest of the column.
 He dashes about steadying the men.
 The Altsteiners take a lot of punishment and their commander takes a bullet.
 Reinforcements arrive, that sun is blinding!.
 The first battalion breaks, some of the photos aren't taken from the best angles because the sun was streaming in the window and I had to block it out with my body, it probably looked like I was twerking!.
 The new arrivals give out a hail of lead.
 And break the Grenadiers.
 The Eisenburg musketeers engage in a duel with Weingartners men lurking in the trees.
 The battle rages on.
 Another battalion arrives to aid the hard pressed line.
 But one of the Altstein battalions breaks.
 Johan rallies the skirmishers.
 Captain Weingartners men are holding their own in cover of the trees.
 The Eisenburg musketeers are close to breaking. I may have forgotten to shoot with them once or even twice, I suppose they were low on ammunition.
 Prince Johan falls in a devastating volley.
 And the irregular skirmishers break.
 I withdrew the Eisenburg musketeers to save them from breaking but Weingartner came after them even though his jagers were close to breaking themselves.
 It was too late though, the Altsteiners broke at the other end of the table.
 The last turn of the game saw the guns abandoned under the firepower of the Essling Fusileers (below).
3-3, I did not expect that as I said to my friend Cesar Paz last night.

The decider hopefully will take place next weekend.


  1. Hurrah, my wish came true :-)! I will await anxiously the next battle.
    I love the last picture: Is a wonderful view of the Essling Fusileers!
    Great report, thank you very much for sharing it.

    1. Thanks Cesar, I'll have to choose a good scenario for the last battle.

  2. Well done Paul. Quick question - are the games holding up to their advertised one hour play time?

  3. Thanks Conrad, I'm not sure to be honest the games have been very involving, once I get my head down I lose all sense of time.
    At a guess I would say about an hour and a half to set up and play and take some photos.
    I've been really enjoying it though.