Sunday, 21 March 2010

"Charge" at last!.

At last I have managed to get a game of "Charge", although I have to admit to playing "Black Powder" English Civil War a couple of times, some "C21" modern jet combat and some "Battlefield Evolution" modern skirmish in the last fortnight, bad lad!.

The Altsteiners surge forward.

The Eisenburgers advance to meet them.

The guns are deployed on both sides but the Altstein gunners are rather exposed to the enemy infantry as they deploy and are decimated by a volley of muskets!.

In the meantime, while the camera batteries were recharging, the cavalry clash was indecisive and the Altstein Grenadiers were destroyed in a reckless column attack upon the Eisenburg Musketeers .

Encouraged by the rout of the gunners the Osterburg Musketeers advance to outflank the Heydnbruckers!.

After seeing off the Essling Fusileers, the Altstein Musketeers find themselves a little outgunned.

With a terrific volley the Heydnbruckers blow a huge hole in the Osterburg line forcing them to quit the field.

Not many left and the Blue Hussars ready to pounce, the Osterburgers have had it!.

A very shaky volley from the Altsteiners is no match for the Eisenburger reply and they fall back from the confrontatation.

Von Bruckenheim catches Von Essling's eye and with mutual respect they gesture to each other. Both forces then leave the field, honours even.

Good game. The battalion gun rules worked well and the game was an apt reminder as to what an excellent ruleset "Charge"really is.

Thursday, 4 March 2010

Heydnbruckers ready for action!.

Colonel Johan Martin commands his regiment.

Well that's another unit ready, I might get a game on Sunday with a bit of luck. I'll try the battalion guns out too. New units often get mauled first time out, but that's wargaming.
We'll see how it goes.