Tuesday, 29 June 2010

The Campaign Map is ready.

I took some shots of my map from Altstein in the north to Eisenburg-Essling in the south.
The area is dominated by the Teiner Valley which runs from north to south. The whole area is loosely based on the Tyne valley in the north of England where I was born and bred. The orientation is altered from west to east and the topography altered to suit the campaign.
Place names are a mix of made up names and Germanised real names eg. Altstein = Alston (where my wife is from) , Heydn Brucke = Haydon Bridge ( where I went to school) and Hecksheim = Hexham (where I grew up and where I work).
Doing this gives me a feel for the lie of the land and should be useful in setting up the terrain and in visualising the troop movements on the map.
Has anyone else tried this ?.

Tuesday, 22 June 2010

Building work commences

Here are a couple more shots from von Esslings parade.

I started to tidy up my buildings tonight making repairs, basing some and detaching some multiple based buildings. I failed to repair the one that was damaged by a low flying extending tape measure a while back and it ended up in the bin.
I persuaded my better half to give me some cork based place mats and these will define a built up area with buildings and the odd tree placed loosely upon them. When troops enter the built up area the models can be moved to allow occupation as is commonly done with woods.
A lick of paint and they'll be ready. I've also been working on the map and hope to have it finished next week.

Sunday, 20 June 2010

Von Esslings Army

Von Essling commands.

The Eisenburg Dragoons - 28 Officers and troopers.
The Ostburg Regiment is the largest with 7 officers , 64 other ranks and 3 battalion gunners.

The Eisenburg Musketeers - 57 in total.

Kazinskys Kozaks - 30 strong.

The field guns - 12 gunners and the Captain.

Friedrich von Essling.

The Eisenburg (zvezda) Grenadiers - 61 strong.

The Essling Fusileers - 45 strong.

That is 309 in total compared to a total of 331 for the Altstein army.

Thursday, 17 June 2010

All done.

Well, the second coat of Klear is drying on the last of my battalion guns and that means that I've achieved my goal for the 1750 campaign.

It is about one year since this project began and I have now amassed 640 shiny little soldiers plus all the cannons and horses to go with them.

I now need to tart up my buildings, draw up a map (the war of 1749 didn't have one) and the war can begin.

Friday, 11 June 2010

The Uhlans arrive - lock up your daughters!.

Kazinsky's Uhlans have arrived from the Eastern frontier to serve in the army of Eisenburg-Essling. Resplendent in their new uniform they exercise for Feld General Fritz von Essling and set many a maidens heart a flutter with their swagger.

They open out at full gallop and show off their Kozak horsemanship.

Kazinsky at full gallop on his fine white steed.
Well, I finally got them finished. I've just got some battalion guns to paint now and we'll be ready for war.