Tuesday, 20 July 2010

Getting better.

Thanks very much for all your kind responses to Johnos post.

I was pleased that he left a message for you.The campaign has had a false start because of this bloomin' back.When I did it my first thought was that the battle I had planned would have to be cancelled.

I can't sit here very long yet so I won't linger but it is much improved from last week.


Wednesday, 14 July 2010

Message of mild importance

Hi, it's Paul's son, John. For the past few days Paul's been complaining of a bad back, taking days off and using us as room service (to the point of asking me to switch on a fan just out of reach).

Since the computer's downstairs and he's not you probably won't hear anything for a while.

He doesn't know I wrote this.

Sunday, 4 July 2010

Death on the bridge.

After crossing the bridge the hussars scout ahead to the valley side.
The Jagers occupy Offenheim and the bridge.
Captain Kranze's company in Offenheim.
The Hussars push forward.
Captain Weingartner has the honour of holding the bridge.
"Mein Gott", the hussars make contact!.
Kazinsky's Uhlans have been encamped on the valley slopes watching the incursion and attack the outnumbered hussars with vigour.
The Blau Husaren flee for their lives.

Kazinsky's men surge forward recklessly.
And envelope Offenheim.
They are hot on the heels of the hussars.
But the Uhlans are repulsed by the Jager defending Offenheim.
Weingartner's company are attacked.
The Blau Husaren turn to fight.
All hell breaks loose around the bridge.

Caught between the village and the bridge the Uhlans take heavy casualties.
Weingartner regroups his survivors and repulses the enemy.
By now the Uhlans have had enough and fall back to the high ground to lick their wounds leaving Offenheim and the bridge in Altsteiner hands.
Kazinsky has had the sense however to send a messenger southwards with news of the invasion.

The War of 1750.

Graf Ludwig von Altstein is an ambitious man, ruthless too and determined to expand his territories by taking control over his neighbour Eisenburg-Essling. In 1749 he tried militarily but was defeated, since then he has repeated his attempts to marry the Erherzog Katherine. Rejected once more and with rumours of a possible marriage between Katherine and a Normagnian noble, Ludwig has decided to use his recently expanded army to achieve his aims. Marching down the Teiner Valley the Altstein army is led by August von Bruckenheim recently mentored by the Pfalzstadt general staff. Von Bruckenheim sends his Jagers and a squadron of the Blau Husaren to capture the bridge at Offenheim ahead of the main body.