Sunday, 27 November 2011

Lobositz using Black Powder

 The Austrian centre.

For this battle I used my Altstein and Eisenburg-Essling soldiers in place of Prussians and Austrians. I used The Wargame Companion by C.S.Grant, a wonderful book, for inspiration and information. Units were broken down into 14-16 figure infantry battalions and 8 figure cavalry regiments. I used Black Powder rules substituting centimetres for inches throughout, effectively making my 6x4 table into a 15x10.

 "Croats" occupy the Lobosch.
 Austrian infantry between Lobositz and Welhotta.
 The Prussian advance guard.
 The Prussians advance against the Croats on the Lobosch.
 The rest of the Prussians arrive.
 They advance rapidly.Leadership was set at 9, Austrian leadership at 8.
 The cavalry clash in the centre of the field.
 The rest of the Prussians bypass the Lobosch.
 Austrian dragoons defeated, the die scores tell the tale.
 Prussian dragoons defeated.
 Prussian Hussars defeated.

 The result of the cavalry battle, not good for the Prussians.
 Close combat!.
 The Austrians cross the Morellenbach.
 And threaten the Prussian right flank.
 The Prussian infantry are under a lot of pressure.
 The Austrian infantry having crossed the Morellenbach in force outnumber the Prussian right flank.
 Charging home!.
 Rolling up the flank.
 Enfilading fire is very effective.
 The Austrian dragoons are broken.
 And the Prussian Grenadiers break too.
 The doughty Croats are in a spot of bother.
 As is this unfortunate unit.

 The Prussian dragoons race to protect the right flank.
 The Croats are done for.
 Close fighting in the centre.
 The units are somewhat battered by now.
 The Austrian C-in-C. (Looks like Prince Johann).
 Look out!. The Prussians launch a desperate charge.
 The Uhlans are routed.
 As are the last of the Prussian dragoons.
 In this game I chose to pose broken units as routing before removing them from the table.
 The Prussians on their far left are too far away to help their comrades.
The Prussian infantry are enfiladed and defeated.

Game over!, a narrow Austrian victory, this battle took most of the day and I was quite exhausted from all that marching and counter-marching.