Sunday, 8 July 2012

The Bridge at Weizenfeld

A version of a classic scenario from "Charge!".

 The fine army of Eisenburg-Essling is at the top of the picture and the army of Altstein nearest the lens.
 The bridge is the objective for both armies as their cannons cannot cross the river by fording it.
 The Eisenburg Dragoons cross the river - the Innen Fluss.
 Kazinskys Uhlans.
 The Hecksheim Regiment advances.
 Captain Weingartner is there with a company of Jager.
 The Altstein army splendid in their coats of blue.
 The Ostburgers cross the bridge
 A cavalry clash is imminent
 The Ostburgers launch themselves into the Hecksheim regiment who only have time to turn to face the assault.
 The cavalry fight.
 Weingartner takes the orchard. I know that it should be a ploughed field but I'd gotten the trees out of the cupboard.
 The Eisenburg Dragoons are defeated.
 The artillery duel over the river.
 The Heydnbrucke Regiment after slogging across the river find themselves heavily outnumbered.
 The white coated Ostburgers prepare to defend their bridgehead.
 After a valiant effort the Heydnbruckers are shattered.
 Prinz Johan gains the bridge. But the Ostburgers are soon shattered by a storm of Altstein lead.
 A bold charge by the Blue Hussars sends the yellow clad Eisenburg-Essling Grenadiers reeling.
 The rallied Hecksheimers pour onto the bridge and that scoundrel Lidl crosses swords with the gallant Prince.
 Prinz Johan and his army flee with only the Uhlans left itact to cover the retreat.

A first run out for these chaps since I multi-based them back in January ( oh, the guilt ), I also used 2/3rd distances to make life a little easier on my 6x4 table.

I also left out the battalion guns and the game ran much quicker, at least the units were much faster to manouvre and I am very pleased with my amendments to the rules as outlined in my previous post.