Sunday, 5 February 2017

Honours of War

Today I played a scenario from One Hour Wargames using Keith Flints SYW rules Honours of War published by Osprey. 

 The Eisenburgers in white had to hold both the village and the hill while the Altsteiners in blue would win by capturing either.
 Both sides had seven battalions of foot, two squadrons of horse and four light guns the Altsteiners also had a unit of Jager.
 Fighting for the village.
 Von Essling has prepared a trap for the Altsteiners attempting to outflank the village.
 While the hill is well defended.
 Von Bruckenheim pushes his men towards the hill.

 The Hecksheim regiment advance two battalions into the trap!.
 These two opposing units have five hits and are done for.
 The bluecoats win the cavalry battle.
 But the hill cannot be taken.
 All the Altstein line infantry stream from the field.
 The village has held too.
A good game. I like these rules, I left out the rules for commanders being hit and I rated all the commanders as dependable in order to keep things simple.

A good set of rules though, I recommend them to anyone interested in mid 18th Century wargames.