Sunday, 28 June 2020

Fighting in the Grim

I had a little skirmish with my newly painted 54mm chaps. I used the rules from Neil Thomas Intro to Wargaming book.

Here are some staged shots of the toys in action.

Good fun, I can play skirmishes like this until I get the rest of the toys painted.

Tuesday, 23 June 2020

Colonial Brits.

I received my Armies In Plastic colonials from Transport Models the other day and have painted ten of the Brits.

I painted them in glossy toy soldier style with rosy red cheeks.

I intend to paint some Pathans next so I could play some skirmishes while I paint the rest.

Happy days!.

Monday, 15 June 2020

Still battling over the crossroads

Well I have been having a lot of fun with the 54mm toy soldiers this last week or so.

I made some walls out of balsa to give the chaps some cover.

And I used some signs from the Rapid Fire! website to tart up the building. As you can see it has a bakery and a grog shop. A good objective for the soldiery.

Here is another battle for a crossroads.

Frenchies behind  a wall are hard to defeat.

The lancers clash. 

After much fighting the French take and hold the objective.

It has been so enjoyable that I have spent some money on some more 54mm toy soldiers, the first hobby money spent since February. I have fancied the north west frontier for some time but could not settle on a range or size till now. So I have jumped in and bought some Armies in Plastic soldiers, I am quite excited to get my hands on them.

Wednesday, 10 June 2020

Swords and Sagas: my fantasy wargames blog

For those interested here is a link to my medieval/fantasy blog link

Here is some of the world.

And here is a little of the action.

Have a gander, the first post outlines and maps out the setting and although I have not posted since February there will be more...

Tuesday, 9 June 2020

Battle for the crossroads.

Today I got out my 54mm toy soldiers and had a quick battle using modified "Funny Little Wars" rules by Padre Paul Wright. I borrowed a toy building that my son had when he was little. 

The fight is for control of the crossroads.

French Zouaves.

The Germans advance.

The cavalry prepare to charge.

The French fire is very effective.

The return fire is not so effective.

Close range.

The French lancers win convincingly.

The Germans retire and are unable to rally.

And the French take the crossroads.

La victoire!.

Monday, 8 June 2020

Zwei Meile Hauschen part two

With the defeat of the Altsteiner hussars von Essling thought he had his enemy in his grasp. His infantry outnumbered the Altsteiners three to two, it was now time to advance and exchange musket fire.

On the left flank the Ostburg regiment and the Altstein Grenadiers face off, the Ostburgers have been depleted by artillery fire and Weingartners jagers.

On the right flank the Essling Fusileers advance too quickly to fire and the Altstein Musketeers wheel a short distance and give fire without reply.

When the smoke clears the Fusileers are devastated and leave the field.

On the other flank the Altstein Grenadiers get the upper hand and send the Ostburgers packing.

Von Essling still has the Eisenburg Grenadiers in reserve.

Von Essling splits a battalion off to face the Altstein Grenadiers.

While the Kazinsky Uhlans threaten their flank.

Which forces the Altstein Grenadiers to split in order to defend the flank.

Von Bruckenheim rallies a gun battery from two broken ones.

A fierce firefight begins on the right flank.

The Altstein Musketeers give as good as they get but are forced to retire.

Kazinsky charges the weakened grenadiers.

Who are under immense pressure.

And are forced to surrender.

Von Bruckenheim concedes defeat and surrenders to his old adversary.

So ended a hard fought battle in which von Essling emerged victorious, just!.

Sunday, 7 June 2020

Zwei Meile Hauschen part one

Two miles west of Hecksheim is a local landmark known as the Two Mile Cottage, it was here that the decisive battle of the brief conflict of 1770 took place.

The cottage is located by the r of Teiner.

Von Bruckenheim forms up near the cottage.

"Fritz" von Essling.

A birds eye view of the proceedings.

The Braunjager skirmish with the Altstein Jager.

Captain Weingartner exchanges fire with the huge Ostburg Regiment.

Then the light horse clash on the high ground south of the road.

After a brief struggle both sides fall back to lick their wounds. 

The Braunjager occupy the wood as the skirmish continues on the northern flank.

And the Essling Fusileers advance.

Weingartners men have been giving as good as they get, but receive a terrific volley. If you recall Weingartner is notorious for his outrageous luck.

And he survives 4 musket balls, at least one of them is stopped by his lucky pocket watch!. He gesticulates at the enemy and jogs back behind the Altstein Grenadiers.

On the other flank Captain Kranze crosses swords with the Braunjager captain as the Altsteiners melee with the Eisenburgers.

And they clear the wood of the Eisenburgers at bayonet point.

The Blue Hussars attack again but Kazinskys reserve squadrons charge them in the flank and sweep them from the field.

With the rout of his cavalry von Bruckenheims right flank is badly exposed, his only hope is to defeat the Eisenburgers in the infantry clash.

To be continued...