Tuesday 18 August 2020

Point Defence part two

The other Indian section are becoming more and more pinned down. 

While the Bengal Lancers come under a withering fire from the central ruin.

To make things even worse for the Imperial forces a band of mounted Pathans sweep onto the field.

The blinking screw gunners couldn't hit a barn door, they rolled a one to hit three or four times in this game.

The commander of the Bengal Lancers had to take shelter in the ruins as his men were shot out of their saddles. Hiding in the ruins he is hard to hit but accurate Pathan fire scores a pin marker and he is forced out of the objective under a hail of bullets.

The mounted Pathans recklessly charge the British section who react with devastating fire. Only the leader makes it into melee and he dies swiftly, he does kill one Brit however.

The two Ghazis pass their morale and charge the gunners.

The gunners might not be very good shots, but by jingo they can fight.

The remaining Indian section with three pin markers manages to rally.

And immediately take fire from their tormentors.

Losing more casualties.

The Brits break cover and advance on the enemy positions. Giving fire as they advance.

But they come under accurate fire and lose four men.

Gor blimey, a hit at last!.

But the Pathans dive for cover and casualties are light.

The Indian section storm forward and take the objective with the bayonet and rifle butt.

The seventh and final turn sees the British section charge the central objective.
But they lose the fight for the central objective!. So close but yet so far...
Victory goes to the Pathans.
What a cracking game!.  I enjoyed it so much that I am going to replay it despite having birthday goodies vying for attention.

Monday 17 August 2020

Point Defence part one.

Having completed some more 54mm units for my North West Frontier set up I had a game of Bolt Action.

The Pathans are defending three strongpoints in the form of ruined buildings but have chosen to only occupy two of them. If they hold two out of the three by the end of the game they will win the battle.

They suffer a bombardment which causes no casualties but forces them to keep their heads down.

The British-Indian forces move onto the board while the Pathans are trying to rally.

More Indians move up.

And a section of British.

The Brits bring up a screw gun, firing screws sounds dangerous to me, someone could lose an eye!.

The Pathan gun crew cannot rally from the bombardment.

The Bengal Lancers arrive.

And on turn two charge the gunners in the flank.

After skewering the gunners they fall back to claim the unoccupied objective. I made a mistake here allowing the gunners to fight simultaneously and kill a lancer. Oh well.  

The Indians pour fire onto the Pathans. With little effect.

And the Afghans reply in kind.

The other Pathan unit fires too.

With rather more effect, killing the section leader.

The Indians are getting the worst of the shooting.

And the Ghazis rush forward!.

The British take aim.

And drop three of the swordsmen including their leader.

Another Ghazi falls as the Indians fire too.

But the Ghazis still manage to charge the Indians.

And win the fight causing six casualties for four received.

Only two Ghazis survive the melee. They then make towards the screw gunners.

To be continued...

Saturday 1 August 2020

Trying to get fit.

I have managed a little bit of painting this week, but my main emphasis has been my fitness and weight gain. Since my heart has been out of rhythm and the lockdown I have been sitting about far too much. I read that I can do some gentle exercise but walking gets you too close to people for comfort so the old exercise bike came out of the shed...

Gannin great guns!, the seat was a killer so out came a natty red cushion.

Said cushion slips causing some pain in me goolies.

Oh well, no pain no gain I suppose. I may need a cycling helmet in case I fall off.

Monday 20 July 2020

Hold until relieved part two.

We resume the action with the Pathan horsemen threatening the bridge...

The newly arrived Indian unit reaches the vicinity of the bridge.

Pathans advance through the ruins to outflank the Brits.


And the horsemen are badly shot up.

The Brits shoot point blank but the Afghans keep their heads down.

The horsemen pass their morale and charge over the bridge!.

But the Indians fight them off with only one casualty.

Undeterred by the fate of their cavalry more tribesmen attack the bridge.

Turn four sees real mayhem, the Pathans hurl themselves at the Brits and slay them all.

A fierce fight on the bridge which the Pathans win too.

The bridge is under pressure from both sides of the river now.

The remaining Indian unit tries to take back the bridge.

And fails, I told you it was mayhem!. Where the blazes are the Bengal lancers?.

Oh!, here they are. Better late than never.

Turn five sees them charge and lose the melee.

Assailed from all sides the bridge falls and the defenders go to their Gawd like soldiers.

A cracking game, I may have made the Pathans a bit too good. I made them veterans and tough fighters, I may downgrade them to average or remove the tough fighter trait. What do you think?.